Private mortgages are a great alternative to institutional lenders who have their restrictions.

Loan Ninja have a strong bond with several private lenders who work closely with their borrowers to make sure that all their unique needs are met and taken care of so, we can help you in providing the best solution for your mortgage needs. We do understand each customer is different and so his needs are so, our professional and licensed team member will have a detailed discussion with you to understand your needs and expectations before processing the application.

Loan Ninja will provide you with hassle-free Private lending loans approvals for 1st, 2nd or 3rd mortgages within 48 hours. So, please free to call us even if you are a Self Employed, Bad Credit or Low Income, we cover all under our umbrella.

Having a tough time or facing difficulties with high credit rate in getting your mortgage approved by a bank on a loan? Then you need a private mortgage professional assigned to you who will lead you through the process and make all necessary explanations and make sure to offer you the best financial solutions tailored for you. We are closely contracted with the borrowers to help you meeting your goals and needs. By directly dealing with our private mortgage lender you may receive flexible options and find a way of ease to access our open terms. We at Loan Ninja are one of the best Private Mortgage lenders in Toronto assist our clients to get a Fast mortgage facility to everyone, regardless to their financial position within low rates.

Private Mortgage